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The DAN HAMILL EXPERIENCE is an arena spectacular in a corporate package.... With the hottest dancers in the country, award winning singers, a pumping band & a killer horn section playing the hottest hits of today. From Beyoncé to Michael Jackson & even AC/DC! This highly polished package packs a punch and wow's audiences, ensuring a night they won't soon forget! Hamill is a showman like no other in the country, with his cheek, charm and vocal power he will knock your socks off... 
Sit back and be impressed or get on the dancefloor and party the night away, you've hit the perfectly stirred balance that is the DAN HAMILL EXPERIENCE.

X FACTOR Australia dubbed Dan the 'King of Swing'...with the essence of Sinatra, the flare of Buble' and the swagger of Timberlake give him an international edge that puts him at the top of his game. "Walking on stage I know people want more than just a singer and a band these days… They want an experience…." Hamill says.  His take on each song is original and fresh with it's delivery only matched by his effortless perfomance, Hamill knows when to embrace you and when to lift you so the whole night becomes a celebration for your ears.

Corporate entertainer



The guests have arrived........they're mingling, chatting, sipping on champagne........they eagerly await the night ahead. Finally they are seated. Entrees are served........the lights dim. It's about now that your guests embark on the night of their lives.
Beven Addinsall and Matt Hetherington know how to entertain corporate guests. With their charismatic personalities, together they showcase a production combining musical numbers, comedy and classics. These two young men, who were born to entertain, have soaring voices, magnificent harmonies and an astounding presence...


Violinist, singer and songwriter Sophie Serafino is a pioneer in the music industry. Violinists are meant to have a certain sound, they’re meant to look a certain way, and they most certainly stick to similar genre. Well, that’s what we’re used to.

A violinist, also a singer and songwriter, Sophie has a unique blend of pop music. The style evolved after years of experimentation with many musical genres, has been described as entirely unique. Sophie mixes world music and impressionistic sounds with funk, dance and classically inspired strings. Sophie has travelled with her own original act to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Casablanca and Los Angeles.

corporate entertainer


AFL football star Russell Robertson releases his first album, 'HIGHER' through Universal Music.

Russell Robertson is known as the highflying miraculous goal kicking forward for the Melbourne Football Club. Russell’s illustrious AFL career spans 12 years, 200+ games, club best & fairest, club leading goal kicker and he has represented Australia in the International rules series.

For the past 14 years, Chris Doheny has been the voice of the Logie award winning ‘Footy Show’, singing the theme song and Football anthem ‘More than a game’...

Corporate entertainer


Take three beautiful young girls with vogue model looks, pair them with three electric violins and a contemporary fully orchestrated backing track and you have the latest corporate sensation String Diva. A classical cutting edge virtuoso, which will open or close your event with sophisticated, unique interpretations of some of the world's most loved classics.
The repertoire can include an Australiana Medley of 'I Come From A Land Down Under' (Men at Work) & 'Great Southern Land' (Icehouse). As an option a didgeridoo player can also be part of this medley. 'The Habanera' from the Opera Carmen. - singer optional, (during this number the girls walk into the audience and serenade the clients). Mozart's 'Ein Cline Nucht Music' the perfect Fanfare for the opening of any event.
If a specific musical piece is required, it is possible to have it orchestrated to suit your client's needs.
In a very short space of time String Diva are already creating an impact on the corporate scene, which is leaving many event organisers singing their praises.


The art of quick change costume transformation is a very specialised branch of magic that dates back as far as the 15th century.

Also known as proteanism, or meta-morphing – it is the art of changing costumes at lighting speed in front of an audience within seconds – leaving no trace of how, when, and where each set of clothes disappear each time. Due to it’s rareness, complexity and lengthy time in preparation for a quick change show, it is one of the most exclusive and impressive illusion there is in theatre.

Today, traditional quick change is sporadically performed throughout the world. There are only a handful of artists who have dedicated themselves fully to this art, and very few who are internationally acclaimed performers. Those lucky enough to witness this magical illusion, will no doubt agree that it is a mesmerizing, fascinating, and mind-boggling spectacle.

In the history of international show business, Soul Mystique was the first couple ever to successfully merge the two artforms of Quick Change with Professional DanceSport.

"Soul Mystique never fails to mystify, amaze, and entertain their audiences wherever they go"

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