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Tribute Bands.

The tribute bands or tribute shows listed on the following pages are well suited to corporate events and are some of the best live bands and impersonators currently playing around. If you would like to hire a band, please note the names of the acts you are most interested in and either email us via contact us or call us on (03) 9520 9109
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Featured Artist:

"By far the best and most authentic INXS

experience in the world today"...

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Blaze Of Glory is an incredibly authentic Bon Jovi tribute & experience, paying their respects to the greatest rock band ever - Bon Jovi! 
With their catchy hooks, good looks and irresistible pop-metal sound, its no wonder Bon Jovi became one of the best selling bands of all time with over 130 million albums sold world wide. Releasing hit after hit for over 25 years the band are still going strong but alas, very rarely include Australia in their world tours.

Blaze of Glory is a high energy, charismatic and uncannily realistic tribute to Bon Jovi, recreating all the hits as faithfully as possible - Living On A Prayer, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Bad Medicine, Lay Your Hands on Me, You Give Love A Bad Name and many more! We will bring you back to the glorious 80's, 90's and 2000's in three decades of classic songs that made them the biggest band in the world!


Re-live the magical period of the 80’s where summer, fashion, television and great music collided! Think back to Duran Duran, Miami Vice, and all the amazing video clips you remember from the mid 80’s- it was all about dancing, having fun, and living it up at the beach- in style! 

MIAMI 80's IN PARADISE takes you on a non stop high energy non-stop journey of 80's hits, from Madonna, George Michael, Cyndi Lauper, and so much more! With a 5 piece band which includes both male and female lead vocalists, MIAMI 80's IN PARADISE delivers an authentic retro party for any occasion!


Greg Andrew has traveled extensively throughout Australia and Internationally and has earnt the reputation as one of the BEST ELTON JOHN TRIBUTE ARTISTS IN THE WORLD. 

Greg is in demand with regular features on international cruise ships, overseas tours, and shows within Australia. So far, Greg has performed his show in over 30 countries, with performances to over 200 000 people worldwide.


His virtuosic piano playing and vocal timbre are often enough for most people, however, his uncanny natural resemblance to Sir Elton John is mind blowing and people truly believe he could be the actual man himself! He is regularly stopped and photographed with people who “want a photo with Elton!”


Twenty years ago, Australia was in the grips of ABBA hysteria. There was a very special connection between ABBA's music and the Australian public. The 1977 tour and a constant stream of number one hits meant that ABBA's music was deeply engraved into the hearts and memories of Australians. Now in the 90's, ABBA's music has had a rebirth. All over the world people of all ages are re-discovering the magic of ABBA's music. ABBA will never tour again, but the band is alive once more and sounding as good as they ever did in the form of BABBA.

With the help of a cryogenic freezer and some cosmetic surgery, Benny, Bjorn, Frida and Agnetha are back, looking younger than ever! Through careful research and rehearsal, BABBA have faithfully reproduced the ABBA sound so well that it is a jaw-dropping experience. With the look, costumes, Swedish accents and a cheeky sense of humour, the show is a theatrical experience which is sure to take you back to the 70's, singing all those songs word for word.


Melbourne born, Louie Lee Feltrin is the cheeky guy that had the entire nation talking with his impersonation of Robbie Williams on Channel 9’s television program “StarStruck” and is arguably the world’s best Robbie Williams impersonator.

Louie’s fantastic impersonation, both vocally and physically with an uncanny resemblance to Robbie Williams, was a highlight of Channel 10’s “Grand Final Breakfast” telecast for 2006. Performing to over 3 million people and in front of the Nations Prime Minister and Local and International Celebrities and Dignitaries, Louie had them totally spellbound.


“Nashville’s World on Tour" takes you on a ride through the greatest country music catalogue of the all time.


The Show, featuring X-Factor finalist Farren Jones, along side a five piece theatrical live band, saddles you into a concert rodeo of some of country music’s greatest acts ranging from Keith Urban, Taylor Swift to Creedence, Johnny Cash and Fleetwood Mac.


Starring one of Australia’s most loved entertainers and star of SHOUT! The Musical, TIM CAMPBELL Is the latest, most exciting corporate show to hit the event scene. With a mix of brilliant rock ‘n’ roll music, dazzling choreography and the amazing talents of Tim Campbell, this show is sure to leave your audience wanting more. Join Tim as he takes you on a journey to celebrate Australia’s first King of Rock and Roll Johnny O’Keefe. A pioneer in our Australian pop music scene, and a singer with a passion like no other.

YOU MAKE ME WANNA SHOUT! The JO’K Experience is an energetic 25min feature show ready to rock your next event. It can be tailored to meet your small, medium or large scale events, and can include a mix of live band and dancers. 


The Fabulous Singlettes are a playful, three-woman, post-modern musical celebration of some of the greatest hits of the 60's & 70's. 

Naomi Eyers ("As she moved through the crowd singing '..., four men in my row fainted." The Age) Melissa Langton ("...a knock-out voice, impeccable comic timing" The Age) and Melissa McCaig ("..Powerful, sassy performer"SMH) sing up a storm, plus of course dance moves to die for, frocks galore and beehives that are a triumph of hairspray over gravity. 


The decade of the good times. “Stand and Deliver!” brings you this era of pop in all its visual and audio authenticity. Combined with great musicians, costumes and humour – “Stand and Deliver!” is a winner! The band’s huge range of material promises to please everybody. 

From Madonna to Duran Duran, the songs are delivered with their own personality and vitality. Guaranteed to bring the dance floor alive, “Stand and Deliver!” will bring you a truly enjoyable 80’s experience. A sensational re-creation of one of the finest eras in pop music ever.


​ANTHEMS IN ROCK is the ultimate salute to the greatest arena rock hits of all time. Featuring a stellar lineup of musicians, who deliver a high energy concert performance & representing legendary bands including: Guns n’ Roses, Queen, AC/DC, KISS and many more.

Rewind to the 70s and 80s, when the phrase “sex, drugs and rock & roll” meant loud guitars, big hair and a party for the ages. Anthems in Rock perform classic hits from Journey, Aerosmith, Van Halen and other classic bands that have been adored for a lifetime and immortalized as distinct creators of rock. With tongue firmly planted in cheek antics & a flair for awesome tragic fashion, you are sure to be blown away by this one-of-a kind epic rock experience.


A first class production, the show has been based around some of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster movies to ever hit the silver screen. Escape into a world of beauty, grace & decadence, as the electrifying cast of 8 performers take you on an interactive journey. Outrageously & hilarious, a high calibre production of pure entertainment like no other.

Jam packed with almost 2 hours of many of the chart busting music that shaped our generations. Mega hits from the films Grease, Top Gun, Moulin Rouge, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dirty Dancing, Footloose and much more are featured. With breath taking sets, songs, costume changes and humour, award winning vocalist Marina Spiteri and Latin American Dance title holder Emilio Ricciuti, whip up a frenzy in an spectacular that will have audiences on their feet, belting out their favourite tunes & cheering for more!

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