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Described as passionate, fearless and intriguing, transformational artist Sophie Serafino fuses exotic, melodic and rhythmic sounds to create an utterly unique high-energy concert, leaving you transfixed from start to finish.

Sophie commands the stage with power and charisma, without boundaries, and as Robert O’Brien from Black & White Magazine Australia says, ‘if flame haired violinist Serafino can lead that audience to a place where classical meets pop and rock, the rest is easy, this girl is set to leave her mark in the international music scene’.

A violinist, singer and composer, Sophie has been described by the Daily Telegraph Australia as 'inimitable', by the Sydney Morning Herald as 'refreshing' and by writer Gail Kavanagh as 'one of the few who deserve the title of diva'.
She’s pumped it up at the DJ desk New Years Eve 2008 in Istanbul, performed sitting atop a trapeze in Rome and moshed with the crowds in Germany. Sophie displays a huge polarity of emotion taking the audience on a journey from her wild energy and defiant character to the huge vulnerability she displays in some of her songs.

Fearless in her technical assault, intriguing with her warm and witty connections and passionate in her performance, she transforms not only of herself but takes everyone along the journey.

Sophie has performed all over the world, for dignitaries the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed at the Emirates Palace in Sao Paolo Brazil, the Bahraini Royal Family and Australian Ambassador of Turkey, and in May 2009 was invited to perform for Crown Prince & Princess Mary & Frederick of Denmark.

Sophie is frequently dressed by fashion designers including Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Stephen Fuller (Bondinage), jeweler Nic Cerrone and is recognized as a muse and musical style icon appearing in magazines all over the world from Black & White to Esquire.

Sophie has performed more than 400 concerts around the globe and also works as a session musician for EMI and Warner Music Artists including Goldfrapp and The Veronicas. She is preparing to release her highly anticipated solo album this year.

Sophie’s musical style has evolved after years of technical experimentation with many musical genres, has been described as entirely unique. Sophie mixes world music with rock, dance, some Middle Eastern influence and classically inspired strings.

She freely communicates with the audience who never know when it’s safe to look away- one moment she is on the stage, the next she is right next to you.

Sophie was born in London, and grew up in Australia. She began violin lessons at the age of 3, placing in competitions and receiving A grades for all violin exams during her school years. She studied dance from the age of 10 and singing and acting at 15, and at 16, was already imagining something different to classical dance and classical violin and writing her own music. She is recognized as a formidable talent and is acknowledged by her ongoing endorsement deal with Yamaha and frequent sponsorship deals.
With her wild imagination, the results have taken here everywhere. Since then, Sophie has toured with her original act from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Hamburg, Istanbul, Casablanca, Bahrain, Dubai, Delhi, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Sophie has just completed four years of study at Sydney Conservatorium and will shortly graduate with a Bachelor of Music Performance (Violin Major). This fiddler is on the move… watch this space…



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"What the critics keep raving about is how intelligent and soulful her playing is"
The Australian Times London

"Refreshing - not only plays the violin but sings with amazing clarity"
Sydney Morning Herald Australia

“Serafino is one of the few who deserve the title of DIVA”  
Gail Kavanagh, Penrith Press Australia

“Take one funky diva with a violin, mix with some pop flavoured opera and you’ll be bustin’ a move to Sophie Serafino music before you can say Pavarotti”  
Inside Sport Magazine Australia

"Serafino has ‘inimitable style"  
Daily Telegraph

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