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Original Artists.

The Original Bands / Artists and Headline Acts listed on the following pages are well suited to corporate events and are some of the best live bands currently playing around. If you would like to make a band booking, please note the names of the acts you are most interested in and either email us via contact us or call us on (03) 9520 9109

Featured Artist:

Iconic Australian Rock.

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Canadian Wendy Matthews first came to Australia on tour with Glen Shorrock in the 1980s, after which she released her first album Emigré. This album went on to win three ARIA awards. Her second album, Lily, also won two ARIA awards, including Best Single for “The Day You Went Away”. She went on to win Best Female Artist for a third time in 1994 for The Witness Tree, and in 1995 became an Australian citizen. Her most recent album, Stepping Stones, was released in 1999 to critical acclaim.

Wendy demands attention both on record & in her live performances inviting the listener into a very private & beautiful world.


Todd Hunter's recall is not rose-coloured. "I didn't think I'd ever come back to Dragon," says the band's founder, bassist, sometime songwriter and sole survivor. "There are such mixed memories for me. There were incredible highs but too many people died. I've spent the last 10 years ignoring the whole thing, it was a lot simpler to get on with film and TV scoring and leave Dragon as a distant memory."

History, of course, cherishes a very different view of New Zealand's beleaguered but brilliant pop chart journeymen. A glance down the track list of 'Sunshine' to 'Rain' recalls one of the most astonishing and emotional legacies in Australasian pop history... 


Deni’s career began when she was 15.  Many performers have quirky or interesting stories of how they were discovered.  Deni’s story is simple – she was “discovered” singing to the radio in a friend’s kitchen.  Encouraged to pursue singing as a career, she began touring as a backing vocalist for the who’s who of the Australian industry, including the likes of INXS & Kylie Minogue.

It wasn’t until Deni began working with The Rockmelons that her true potential began to emerge.  As lead vocalist on a string of hit singles, Deni was touted as “the next big thing”.  The hits – “That Word (L.O.V.E), “It’s Not Over” and the hugely successful – “Aint No Sunshine” all became Top 10 smashes, with Deni becoming one of the most well known faces, and voices, in Australia.


Peter Cousens is one of Australia's most outstanding musical theatre performers; a successful actor, on stage and on television; a cabaret artist; performing at multi- national corporate functions; as a commercial and television presenter and as a recording artist.


Greg Champion's rise to prominence has come largely from his work on the radio, singing about cricket and football (AFL). He has been a member of the long- running Melbourne-based radio humorists The Coodabeen Champions for twenty- four years.

Greg Champion's rise to prominence has come largely from his work on the radio, singing about cricket and football (AFL). He has been a member of the long-running Melbourne-based radio humorists The Coodabeen Champions for twenty-four years.


During 1989 Silvie Paladino was offered the role of Eponine in LES MISERABLES, an exciting opportunity for an eighteen year old. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the 1991 Victorian Green Room Awards for her portrayal of Eponine. Silvie continued performing the role for a further twelve months touring Australia and New Zealand to critical acclaim. She received the same recognition in 1992 when she accepted an invitation to perform the role of Eponine on the West End in the London production of LES MISERABLES.


Evermore have released three platinum-selling albumsDreams (2004), Real Life (2006) and Truth of the World: Welcome to the Show (2009) and a self-titled greatest hits album including three new songs. They have been nominated for seven ARIA Awards, and have won two Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. They have won the APRA Silver Scroll songwriting award, and the Channel V Oz Artist of the Year Award.


Singer/songwriter Wes Carr can be described as many things – overnight success, is not one of them. For most of his 26 years this talented artist has put the hard-graft, determination and commitment into his love of musicianship and creative expression. 

Over the years his hard slog has won him scholarships, peer-approval, acclaim, and competitions, but what drives his passion to continue is the truth in his music. It’s this authenticity and musical integrity that will secure him a good place in the charts today, and it’s this that is at the heart of the connection he has with audiences around Australia...


Since winning Australia’s Got Talent Series 5 in 2011, Youtube footage of Jack Vidgen's performances have garnered over 200 million views worldwide, and resulted in international interest in the young singer. Jack has previously released two albums with Sony Music Australia, his Gold selling debut album “Yes I Am” and “Inspire” followed on by his uplifting pop single “Finding You’.

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