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The DJs listed on the following pages are well suited to corporate events and are some of the best acts currently playing around. If you would like to make a booking, please note the names of the acts you are most interested in and either email us via contact us or call us on (03) 9520 9109

Featured Artist:

Corporate DJ Superstar.



A leading DJ and figure in Australian dance music John first rose to prominence when he won the DMC Mixing Competition in Victoria in 1988 (which he again won in 1989).). Since that time John has remained at the top of his game. His mixing, scratching and tricks from the early days are still prominent in his sets today, utilising CDJ 1000s, decks, FX and accapellas in the mix of his up, funky, club sounds. 
Vicious, the record label that John co-owns, was established in 1990 and has also been at the forefront of the Australian Dance scene since its inception.


Dirty Laundry has been at the forefront of the Australian club-scene since its inception in 2004. The brainchild of Melbourne DJs, JJ Styles and Dean Cherny, Dirty Laundry is a tasty mash-up of Indie Rock, Pop, Dance and Electronica. 

Internationally acclaimed for their unique and mischievous live show, nothing can really prepare you for the Dirty Laundry experience – it’s a non-stop action-packed hybrid of video animation, dance and musical performance. 

The Intergalactic Video Show adds a new dimension to Dirty Laundry’s already dynamic show. It’s a ground-breaking series of animated clips, each purposely produced and synced with the music. Produced for arena style events and adapted for club gigs, the video show has set a new benchmark for live performance in the Australian club scene. 

Now in the final stages of production, Dirty Laundry’s eagerly awaited first studio album is due for release in 2009. The boys have teamed up with some of Australia’s most talented producers, including Timothy Dudfield (Mr Timothy) and Andy J (Sgt Slick) to craft a mix of funk infused, disco spiked electro pop. 

Disco Infected, their debut single, peaked at No.10 on the ARIA Club Chart in August 2008.

Now Dirty Laundry is releasing their second single, Hate Me, along with a world-class music video that showcases the bands sublime performance skills. 

With Hate Me about to hit the small screen – rest assured Dirty Laundry is about to go large.


One of the nation’s best-loved industry identities, Lorne has been on decks for over a decade. Growing up on a solid diet of electronic acts in the 80’s – including everything from the New Order to Underworld – music has long been part of his hectic life. An avid clubber, it wasn’t long before he sought to work in the inner sanctums of Perth’s clubland – and while he worked as a lighting operator, he dreamed of being a DJ. Seeing as he possesses the patience of a goldfish, it was a good thing his ‘dream’ didn’t take long to materialize. After securing his first break under the tutelage of legendary WA DJ GaryJames at Orsini’s, he, and his trademark ‘big room – hands up’ House sounds, soon became a regular fixture in Perth’s finest clubs and special event main rooms.


Every industry has benchmarks and every industry has certain, special individuals that personify their very essence and help define excellence within them. The Australian dance music industry is naturally no exception and Mark James is without question it's certain, special individual: and then some … An established DJ, renowned Producer, and esteemed Managing Director of Australia's most prestigious promotion agency, Future Entertainment , there is very little that Mark hasn't achieved in his groundbreaking career – which in 2005 spans nearly two, illustrious decades.


Hailing from Melbourne , Australia , Mark John is one of Australia 's most respected and highly revered disc jockeys. Exhibiting a unique style of soulful house and garage through a maze of wild percussion and deep funk, Mark John's seamless productions and dj sets at many worldwide reputable venues over the past 9 years, has bought about his emergence from the depths of musical soul to unearth the rhythm that is House Music.


As the waters of Oz house sat stagnant, mrTimothy appeared with a splash to send ripples thru a club scene in search of a new freestylin' hero. Plucked from the hedonistic late ‘90's heyday, mrTimothy was mentored by the likes of international legends E Smoove and Steve ‘Silk' Hurley to spearhead the down under house revival. Before you could say “three smash club hits”, the dude went global!

The respected DJ also hosts the Trailblazin' Radio Show. His cutting-edge interviews and slick selection of urban tracks are heard by around 500,000 listeners a week on The Edge 96 One in Sydney, Groove FM in Perth and Raw FM in Regional NSW. Brown also cuts the Blazin' Mix-ups which are heard daily throughout Australia.


With a career spanning well over a decade, Sean Quinn can lay claim to being one of Australia's hardest working and more diverse DJ's. Always holding down a minimum of four and as many as seven weekly residencies has meant being versatile and reliable go hand in hand. Starting DJ'ing at age nineteen, Sean has witnessed and been a part of the meteoric rise of dance music, firstly in his hometown of Melbourne and later in his career, all over the world. Through his involvement with Quench, Sean has experienced first hand the sort of global impact something that started off as a spare time project can have.


Melbourne DJ Andy J has certainly immersed himself in the world of clubs and club music over the last 10 years. In that time he has DJ’d all over the country, run a record label, remixed countless club tunes, fronted a national radio mix show, won ARIA awards, mixed top selling mix cd’s, been profiled nationally on tv, and released tunes under no less than 10 aliases!


In October 2003 when Pete Tong, of BBC’s Radio 1, proclaimed Carl Kennedy ‘one the world’s best undiscovered DJs,’ he clearly was able to see what vast numbers of club goers were soon to discover; that Carl was destined to become the a big name in dance music. 

Born in Birmingham, England, Kennedy made the bold move to New York when he was 20 with his eyes set on the bright lights of big city life. No one could have imagined, least of all him, the extent of excitement life had installed for him. 

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