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“It’s My Life” - The Bon Jovi Story pays it's respects to one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Whether delivering a bonafide rock concert or a intimate theatre experience, “It’s My Life” tells the story of Bon Jovi from the early 80’s up to the present day. Featuring a stellar lineup of musicians with worldwide touring experience, a spectacular performance is guaranteed every time.

With their catchy hooks, good looks and irresistible pop-metal sound, its no wonder Bon Jovi became one of the best selling bands of all time with over 130 million albums sold world wide. Releasing hit after hit for over 25 years the band are still going strong but alas, very rarely include Australia in their world tours.

It's My Life is a high energy, charismatic and uncannily realistic tribute to Bon Jovi, recreating all the hits as faithfully as possible - Living On A Prayer, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Bad Medicine, Lay Your Hands on Me, You Give Love A Bad Name and many more! We will bring you back to the glorious 80's, 90's and 2000's in three decades of classic songs that made them the biggest band in the world!

Farren Jones has performed at hundreds of corporate and pub gigs nationally over the past 15 years, including a stint on The X Factor. Farren has an uncanny ability to shape his vocal tone to emulate many 80’s vocal styles, and delivers a highly visual performance every time. Comparisons with classic rock icons Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen were graciously acknowledged by Farren. On X-Factor in 2011 Farren received recognition in his own artistic right from international guest Ronan Keating, who described Farren’s authentic and honest style as ‘...pure magic.’ 

Rob Moody has been obsessed with guitar for 21 years now, and has been gigging around Melbourne since 1995. An experienced musician with a broad range of musical styles at his disposal, Rob has toured with his band The Nightfillers, and played in cover bands such as WOMP and Shazam, played Spanish guitar with duo Fiesta, and country/rock with Sidetrack. Rob is dedicated to replicating classic guitar tones and delivering a quality performance on stage. He is also a sensational sax player!

Tim Phillips arrived in Melbourne in 1989. He enjoys playing bass & writing songs on guitar.  Before joining The Australian INXS Show he played bass in numerous bands around Melbourne including N.E.K.(negative earth krap) Grace, Cinematica, Phil Para, Cory’s nightmare (Alice Cooper tribute), The Budgie Smugglers, AC/DSHE, & Absolutely Live The Doors Experience.

Noel Tenny is the most consummate professional drummer known to mankind. As an in demand drummer over many years, Noel has toured the world many times and brings his considerable talent to our 80’s journey. No stranger to huge crowds, Noel delivers a thumping show and puts his heart and soul into every performance.

Simon D'Aquino is an accompanist, pianist, vocal coach and musical director who remains actively involved in the Melbourne music scene.
His experience in musical theatre has seen him involved as a repetiteur and pit musician for dozens of productions and also as a musical director for many more. Starting initially as a solo concert performer, Simon has grown a diverse musical pallet having played a range of instruments in bands and recordings across styles of rock, pop, classical, opera and jazz.



Corporate Events





• Tribute Show




5 Piece


Livin' on a Prayer

Bad Medicine

You Give Love a Bad Name

Bed of Roses


It's My Life

Dead of Alive

I’ll Be There

Keep The Faith

In These Arms

Have a Nice Day

Lay Your Hands On Me


I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Living In Sin

Born To Be My Baby

Wild In The Streets

Blaze of Glory

Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

Never Say Goodbye

She Don’t Know Me 

& more…

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