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100% KYLIE

100% Kylie has faithfully re-created the sound, look , choreography and costumes, complete with all the shimmering sequins and silver six inch stilettos that is so uniquely "Kylie". Guaranteed a fantastic nights entertainment for all ages, this exciting mix of pop cabaret glamour and glitz will certainly have you dancing in the aisles and begging for more!

Take a journey through Kylie's greatest hits, from the days of the Locomotion to her worldwide hit, 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'. Sing along with Kylie to 'Better The Devil You Know', and dance in the aisles to 'Step Back in Time'. Whatever Kylie song is your favourite, Lucy is bound to sing it!

This stage extravaganza has extraordinarily captured the look and sound of Kylie’s own stage shows, astonishing international audiences with impeccable renditions, incredible dancing from Kylie’s former dancers, and outstanding replica costumes in grand stage spectacular, starring Kylie’s most well known lookalike and double, Lucy Holmes.

Not only has this world famous show toured the globe with sell out shows in places such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, New Zealand, Fiji, it has also appeared in major newspapers across the world, has been featured in major magazines and has performed live on countless television shows such as The Footy Show, A Current Affair, Starstruck, Mornings With Kerri-Anne, The Morning Show with Larry Emdur, Battle Of The Choirs, and most recently, Big Brother! Lucy, as Kylie, has even been seen on billboards across the country as the face of the electronics giant TDK.

100% Kylie is the only show to have been filmed by Kylie Minogue for her own enjoyment, and has been acknowledged by Kylie’s Management team and the whole Minogue family including Kylie’s sister Dannii and Kylie’s parents, who all love the show!

100% Kylie have established themselves as the world's greatest Kylie tribute of all time, with the incredible track record to prove it.



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