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From his unbelievable childhood performances to the incredible energy & style displayed in his final film offering ‘This Is It’, Michael Jackson’s star shone brightest, earning him a legion of devoted fans and admirers.

There is no disputing the simple fact that there will never be another Michael Jackson but the legacy he left behind does continue to thrill audiences via the THE MAN IN THE MIRROR dance spectacular starring     Paul Rizzo, Australia’s Number 1, Internationally recognised, award-winning Michael Jackson tribute \ dance artist.  As Australia’s 3-time consecutive undefeated Michael Jackson Dance Off Champion, Paul passionately captures the essence of the late Michael Jackson THE MAN IN THE MIRROR show features 30 fabulous Michael Jackson tracks , four  sensational female dancers along with a mind blowing array of costume changes and effects throughout the entire performance. The show is performed to lip synch and never fails to leave the audience absolutely spellbound! 

Paul’s mesmerising performance of the famous ‘Smooth Criminal’ 45 degree lean perfectly captures the unique brilliance of the unforgettable showman that was MJ as he slides, jives, gyrates, spins and moonwalks his way through many instantly identifiable hits such as Billie Jean, Man In The Mirror &  Black or White .Through his replicating talents Paul allows us all to experience a stage presence like no other!

THE MAN IN THE MIRROR show is now the most authentic Michael Jackson tribute \ dance act in the industry today. His dancing is unmatched worldwide, his costumes are unrivalled, the backing tracks are studio quality and his dancers are hand picked committed professionals.  Ranked as one of the top 15 Michael Jackson impersonators in the world by America’s BET (Black Entertainment Television) channel,  Paul Rizzo keeps the spine-tingling magic alive. 
Displaying Michael’s passion and love for his craft, Paul includes the many of the subtle nuances in Michaels’ best known performances that the mere mimickers seem to miss!

THE MAN IN THE MIRROR show is more than just a few slick dance steps ………… Paul Rizzo performs like a man possessed  …………. whilst on stage he is Michael Jackson!  Go ahead, compare him with the rest - - - - no-one else comes close!



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